NUDE Sessions

A Journey into exploring the Sacred Body.


Nude photography had been on my mind for some time. I did a lot of research beforehand and I felt I had to prepare spiritually. To photograph someone in all their nakedness is something that I feel very serious about. I wanted to be able to be embracing of the soul before me without any hesitation or rejection. I believe a photograph can be as intimate as a life long relationship. To capture true beauty, the artist must be brave enough to embrace all light and dark aspects of life. To say it simply I wanted to be able to photograph with the eyes of my heart. Half of the art work is done on the inside! Really.

What I mean by "Sacred Body" is that the body is a sacred space and it is that sacred space that I want explore. My objective in my nudes is not a sexual or erotic one. Because the clothes are removed the model cannot hide anymore or control the photo with their ego. And because I often cut the head out of the frame, the model is forced to communicate with me with the body and not the mind. I like to remove the mind, because it brings me closer to the soul. It's the soul I want to experience, feel, capture and communicate with. This is where true intimacy is found.

The nude sessions are also challenging for the model, because not only they are fully nude, they have to surrender and communicate with me from their sacred space. For some models it's almost like therapy, a journey into themselves. Eventually the idea is to put the nude sessions together into a photo book with the personal experience of the shoot from each model next to the photos. I have already received some beautiful and moving poems from some of my models inspired by the nude sessions we did.

Nude photography is a very interesting journey and I find that it has influenced my other photography work as well. For instance the communication with the sacred space is something I now use in every photo I that take. I must admit though that the portraits that I've taken while the model was completely nude seem to be the strongest so far. This would conclude that we as humans are at our strongest when we are in our most vulnerable state.

Myscha Oréo (2018)