photo: Tanya Mushinsky

photo: Tanya Mushinsky

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A photograph can be as intimate as a life long relationship. To capture true beauty, the artist must be brave enough to embrace all light and dark aspects of life.
— Myscha Oréo

Myscha Oréo knew from the first moment she pressed the shutter that she had discovered an instrument "to capture life". Being an accomplished painter - "painting teaches me to live" - she was captivated by the immediacy of the medium, the rush every photographer knows when catching Henry Cartier Besson's "decisive moment".

Having grown up in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Asia, Myscha brings to the table an eclectic mix of interests, experiences and tastes. Her love for life, nature, beauty and freedom find its roots in extensive travel all over the world from a very early age on, and is reflected in the style and subject matter of her photography and her paintings.

Myscha has a singular vision that she relentlessly pursues. Her personal work often starts with an idea, a theme, a story or an object which she then purposely develops into a photo shoot. Mostly working with natural light she controls all aspects of her work; art direction, styling, make-up, mise-en-scene, location- and model scouting. 

This aspiring artist has an invigorating vitality that she is willing to share with whomever sees her artwork. "I use photography to capture Life," as Myscha puts it herself. Life could not wish for a better ambassador.

— John P.H. Bour


1. What makes a good image?

Composition, feeling, humanity and quality. And by quality I mean the the technical quality of how the work is made. To me a good image is alive.

2. What is your story?

I am a self taught artist and photographer. Before photography I was mainly making very large abstract oil paintings. I am an intuitive photographer and not conceptual. A vision comes into my minds eye and I work from there.

When you look at my work you will find many photos of bare breasted women. I don't do this intentionally or with an intellectual purpose. I think these images come from a subconscious place. Last year I had a dream about a woman walking around topless in a public area with a fierce, fiery and confident air, as if she was saying: "yes, these are breasts, deal with it!" Working with women feels very natural to me, the feminine is an endless source of inspiration. 

3. What inspires your photography?

I find inspiration in analogue photography, first of all because it is real. You cannot fake it and it brings you back to the bare basics: light and dark. I love how the energy of a moment in time can be captured by literally manifesting the light and darkness on a piece of film! It's magic. Experimenting with long exposures, can create layers and sometimes let's the unexpected emerge. I love how photography is a never ending challenge. The medium is so simple, but the layers we work with are endless, because we literally work with the existing present energy. When you go beyond the idea of making a pretty picture, it really becomes interesting.

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