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Interview From painting to photography and the nude series - January 2018 "To say it simply I wanted to be able to photograph with the eyes of my heart. Half of the art work is done on the inside! Really."


Myscha Oréo photographs digital and analogue 120mm and 35mm.

A photograph can be as intimate as a life long relationship. To capture true beauty, the artist must be brave enough to embrace all light and dark aspects of life.
— Myscha Oréo

Myscha Oréo knew from the first moment she pressed the shutter that she had discovered an instrument "to capture life". Being an accomplished painter - "painting teaches me to live" - she was captivated by the immediacy of the medium, the rush every photographer knows when catching Henry Cartier Besson's "decisive moment".

Having grown up in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Asia, Myscha brings to the table an eclectic mix of interests, experiences and tastes. Her love for life, nature, beauty and freedom find its roots in extensive travel all over the world from a very early age on, and is reflected in the style and subject matter of her photography and her paintings.

Myscha has a singular vision that she relentlessly pursues. Her work often starts with an idea, a theme, a story, which she then purposely develops into a photo shoot. Mostly working with natural light she controls all aspects of her work; art direction, styling, make-up, mise-en-scene, location- and model scouting. Myscha always has a close personal relationship with her models; something she feels is necessary to get to that directness, that inner core of life and soul that she seeks to grasp. This need to connect with her subject often leads to the 'tradition' of all her models wearing a personal item from Myscha's collection in every photograph she takes. She will create a detailed scenario or tell a story to awaken the models imagination and empathy to create a certain realness. 

This young aspiring artist has an invigorating vitality that she is willing to share with whomever sees her artwork. "I use photography to capture Life," as Myscha puts it herself. Life could not wish for a better ambassador.

— John P.H. Bour