Yoga with Lucy Russel.

We photographed in a historical building on Herengracht in Amsterdam during the Full Moon on April 4 2015.

Myscha is a gifted artist. She has an ability to look beyond what ‘is’ , and I sense, that she can see into a soul. There is an honesty and fierce purity in all that she turns her heart to. To me her photographic ability is a form of alchemy.
During an important time in my life - outward and inward -Myscha captured me in various yoga poses. I am shy but I wanted to have photographs as a symbolic reference for myself and for my future work.
It was a wonderful experience, one might say transformational. Myscha made me feel confident and the end product helped me accept a beauty in myself that I had never witnessed before.
Myscha is a true professional- she is dedicated and deeply immersed in the experience with you. The camera and surrounds become almost invisible, setting the subject free. I can’t recommend Myscha highly enough - a rare talent and incredible individual.
- Lucy Russel