Nude inside Tree - limited edition

Myscha Oreo nude sessions 9-44.jpg
Myscha Oreo nude sessions 9-44.jpg

Nude inside Tree - limited edition

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"Nude inside Tree" (2017)

In a forest I have known all my life I found a hollow tree that was struck by lightning. Standing inside that tree felt like standing inside a temple. It is a beautiful place to explore sacred space, nudity and nature. Beautiful Lou was the model here. Note, the photo is in slight movement (or I was) and this gives the image a special texture.

Limited edition of 30 excluding 2 artist proofs. Printed on fineart baryt paper, signed, numbered and authenticated by the artist. The Myscha Oréo watermark will not appear on the prints.

Prints sold unframed with a white bleed.

Please be aware that colours may vary monitor to monitor. Subtle variations in sharpness, shadow, light, softness and grain are all part of the creative expression of the artist. Actual sizes may vary slightly according to the layout of the photo.

Purchasing a print does not transfer any rights. All artwork remains copyright of Myscha Oréo and may not be reproduced in any way. There are no unauthorized, unsigned, unnumbered and/or unauthenticated prints. There are 2 additional Artist Proofs outside the regular editions. The artist reserves the right to reproduce prints outside the limited edition for promotional purposes, in books, magazines, exhibitions and press cards.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping.

For purchasing large size limited edition prints please email for inquiry.

* Try to avoid touching the photograph with bare hands, so that fingerprints, stains or other damage cannot occur. The fine art paper on which this photo is printed is of museum quality, but vulnerable in that respect. Please use special gloves or soft cotton gloves when handeling the print.