Artists at Work actually first started in 2011 when I photographed my friend artist Manu van Poppel in his studio while he was deep in his painting process. Being a artist myself I find the creative process naturally inspiring and I profoundly understand the zone an artist can be in. I am not a mere outsider looking in, but I see from the inside of the creative bubble and document this. 
Apart from photographing artists at work for my personal project, I have also done this work commercially for brands like Grolsch, Kimpton De Witt, Enter the Loft. Or photographed the creative process for brands like Damn Good Soap and LEBL Denim.

featuring in order of appearance

 Sculptor Lorenzo Quintanilla in his studio. Sven Signe den Hartogh in his creative space.  Dymph de Gooijer in her studio in Amsterdam.

Sarah Mei Herman and Marc Barreda I photographed for a project named "Artist meets Artist" commissioned by Grolsch (Global) .

Manu van Poppel at work in his studio.